Have you ever wondered why your children need toys like Oxford Blocks?

Life Skills
Your child will learn his/her gross and fine motor skills in the first 7 years of his/her life. Hand-eye co-ordination is developing during this time. Oxford Blocks teaches your child to work with his/her hands. It teaches skills such as problem solving, puzzle building and abstract thinking skills (3-dimensional thinking) and creativity.
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An integral part of modern society is the ability to share. Children who learn these skills at home have a far greater advantage in life. By playing Oxford Blocks with their friends, your child will learn about sharing, friendships, relationships and healthy conflict resolution.
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Family Time
Television, computer games and modern media have stolen so much precious time with your children. By playing Oxford Blocks daily with your children, you can create treasured memories of time spent together.
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Preparing for their future
Oxford Blocks puts the world in their hands. The skills of learning, sharing, abstract thinking and healthy relationships are all developed when your children play with Oxford Blocks. Purchasing a box of Oxford Blocks is an investment into the future of your child.
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